Label is closing for a while, guys


Hi! Three years have passed from the label opening and first releases. During this time a lot of great things have happened, we released pretty much awesome music that still plays every day.

But despite the obvious success, inexhaustible enthusiasm of artists and listeners, I came to the decision to suspend the release of music.

Nevertheless, the label won’t be closed in the traditional way – probably we release a few planned albums next months. Social profiles, the website and all releases will be available at least for a year.



Internal dawns increasingly.
Thank You.



Black holes and burning lights in homes, cold truth of winter palaces…Distorted in the frosty light, faces frozen up forever, but eyes slowly melting…Immersion into centenarian snowdrifts and search for answers at the bottom of the white ocean…

Hjördis-Britt Åström – II

Hjördis-Britt Åström – II

Cold dawn over angular and sharp roofs, woven from the thick thoughts and cold clouds, touching the edges of the space, breaks the void into pieces, creating something new, leading into nowhere and infinity.

SASHA ₴ѺѺ – Night Tales. Nothing Is Sacred.

SASHA ₴ѺѺ - Night Tales. Nothing Is Sacred.

Every night we lived as if it was the last one. Everted our souls inside out, putting faces to cold neon light. We were madmen and preachers, sinners and saints. Relay seemed endless. Continuous fall relay when you can’t see the bottom.

Mugl – Molotov Touch

Mugl - Molotov Touch

Journey through distant corners of the soul filled with emotions’ sharp bursts, lingering anticipation of thunderstorms in the middle of an endless days & nights stream…synthesizing dirt covers consciousness, deep bass kicked the air out of the lungs, and yelping solos ready to tear the membranes with claws this molotov cocktail just have to be set on fire…

ATMSSPHERO – τυρν ιτ υπ

woven of warm air and summer sun glare on crystal waves
fresh as young leaves on tree branches and bright flowers of infinite spring
sparkling with frosty breath of grey blizzard softly enveloping homes and people
slowly melting in the light of fading autumn in order to be born again
music of eternity