Nikola Nežit – Beth EP

Release Date: 2011-12-27 | Catalog №: ODT-032

Life. Like nameless creatures made of nonexistent memories we wander in haze all life and never remember how it was and was it at all. Traveling dreams and beautiful melodies, gorgeous images..salvation.

Music is Language.
Music is Word.
And the Word…well, in it’s essence it separates everything in two.
Word defines, gives us frame, and gives opportunity to brake that frame.
Word puts us in the fortress, and in the same time gives us Understanding…gives us a way out.
SHe is the best representation of the Truth, and still SHe is the biggest Lie.
Look…SHe is just one side of the coin.
What about the other side? Well, it is also Word.
And it is always better to see whole coin, then just one side of it.
Then…I don’t know…you can make a wish and throw it in the fountain.
After all, universe is a joke played upon itself.

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