Summer Of Haze – ∞ Screwee► Smok▲ ∞

Summer Of Haze - ∞ Screwee► Smok▲ ∞
Release Date: 2012-10-11 | Catalog №: ODT-049

This time Summer Of Haze created something new, weedwave 4 life meets futuregaze hip-hop and definitely ∞ Screwee► Smok▲ ∞ will be a new dope, but with special flavour. It’s all about hanging out with your homies in dirty ghetto. It’s all about magnificent evenings and colorful nights. After all it’s about warm summer days familiar to anyone and home memoradelia ocean. Flavour is different but effect still the same…Summer is infinite, peace! // artwork by Masha Belozerova

«…i have no words to describe this stuff..wild space drink made of summer energy…» Ev3nmorn